Credibility & Security

armour365™ has an industry-leading accuracy rate of 99%. False Rejection, i.e., the percentage of times that the system rejects a legitimate user is less than 2%.

We’re ISO 27001 certified company, which shows how we keep information security above anything else. Our data security standards ensure data storage and retrieval in a highly secure and encrypted environment.

armour365™ is equipped with an anti-spoofing layer. Therefore, it smartly identifies the original voice print from the recorded voice print and understands artificial utterances.

Our voice biometric purely concentrates on the voiceprints of the users, not the language or the words they speak. That is why armour365™ can provide a more natural and convenient way of authentication to the users.

Getting Started

Voice biometrics is a technology that uses a person’s unique vocal attributes to identify a person. Just like fingerprints, the voiceprints of each person differs based on their physical and behavioral characteristics. armour365™ is AI-powered voice biometrics that can be easily deployed into any communication channel like telephony, chat, IVR, etc.

Voice biometrics works in two phases –

  1. Enrolment – Where the user speaks for a couple of seconds to register themselves. armour365™ scans for over 140 features and creates a voiceprint for the users. The created voice print is stored in a secured database.
  2. Verification/identification – Is the phase when the user tries to access his/her account. The user must speak a few words and the voice biometrics captures the voice print and tries to match it with the voiceprint in its database. If the voiceprint matches, the user will be authenticated.

Voice biometrics is the only authentication method that works remotely. A user doesn’t have to be present physically to authenticate and access the information. Another main advantage is, the voice biometrics can be deployed in multiple communication channels like telephony, IVR, chat, etc.


Yes, the solution can be integrated into 20+ CRMs and apps. armour365™ has been engineered for hassle-free API-based integration. Contact our sales team for details.

armour365™ can be easily integrated with your backend systems and ensure the seamless functioning of applications, devices, and websites. Check our API page for more information.

armour365™ can be easily integrated into any CRMs, eCommerce platforms, social channels, payment apps, and telephony lines. If you want custom integration, our team is happy to help you. Please contact us with your requirement.

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Customer Testimonials

Software Integrations

Multiple integrations available to extend the voice biometrics functionality in order to meet your requirements without migrating from the existing system.

Easy Integration

Easy integration with your existing system using REST / GRPC protocols.

Deployment Options

Multiple deployment options including cloud deployment and on premise deployment.

Interested in our product?

Experience the most accurate voice biometrics in action!

Interested in our product?

Experience the most accurate voice biometrics in action!

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